It is a pleasure to welcome ESA members, honorary members, and guests to the 25th Annual Meeting of the European Surgical Association.

Trieste is an unusual venue, since our meetings are usually held in national capitals. For this reason, I am particularly honoured by the Association’s unconventional choice. The history of my city, its blend of Mitteleuropean, Italian, and Mediterranean cultures, makes it a crossroads well worth discovering. The city’s architecture clearly illustrates its Roman, medieval, and neoclassical roots, which come together in its easily visited city centre.

The venue for the Meeting and the hotel accommodations are located in the heart of the city along the seafront, with a unique view of the only Italian city on the Adriatic where the sun sets over the sea. 

The Welcome Party will take place just one hundred meters from the Meeting’s venue, in a historic café located on the largest Italian seafront city square, so as to highlight Trieste’s centuries-old bond with the sea. 

The Gala Dinner will take place at the Meeting’s venue, where guests will be able to socialize while sampling some of Trieste’s typical dishes.

All of these places are located quite close to one another, allowing participants ample time to see each other and chat even outside of the conference itself.

There will be programmes for spouses and other guests of the participants, visiting the most characteristic attractions in the city and its surroundings.

For anyone who intends to stay on Sunday as well, there will be a wine and oil tasting event to conclude your visit to Trieste where our best olive oils and wines are produced. 

The entire organizational staff will be at your disposal for the duration of the Meeting, and we wish you a pleasant and productive stay in Trieste for one of the year’s key surgical events.

                                    Nicolò de Manzini                                                                      Mario Morino
                                    Local Organiser                                                                          ESA President